Vision Student Information System Launches Personalized SIS

Introducing a new, innovative system that engages parents, simplifies administration, and drives better learning outcomes for students

Portsmouth, NH August 14, 2018

Addressing the long-standing need for a student information system that makes it easy for parents, teachers, and administrative staff to help students reach their highest potential, Computer Resources is proud to announce the release of Vision Student Information System.

Vision SIS is based on 40 years of experience helping schools across the US serve millions of students. It’s designed to give all stakeholders easy access to both real-time and long-term student information so they can respond quickly to immediate student needs and plan better based on apparent trends and outcomes.

dekstop screenshot of Vision Student Information Systems

“Student data should first and foremost serve the student,” says Michael Bronder, Managing Director of Computer Resources. “We’ve designed Vision to make it easy for teachers, parents, students, and staff to find and use the data they need through mobile apps and web-based applications that engage families and reduce the administrative burdens on school staff.”

The Vision SIS includes core functions for schools like classroom management and student-centric scheduling, along with Vision Data Hub, Vision Dashboards and Analytics that allow schools to combine data from other school-wide systems to identify what initiatives best serve students over time.

Parents and families are served with multi-lingual online portals, mobile applications, and automated admission and registration forms that save time and ensure schools have the critical information they need about a student to address the needs of the whole child.

“We’ve been serving educators and students for a long time,” Bronder continued, “Vision is the student information system they’ve been waiting for.”

About Vision SIS

The Vision Student Information System supports the administration of great schools. With a focus on user experience, the unified interface puts a personalized student information system into the hands of every user. Computer Resources has improved educational outcomes as a trusted provider of technology infrastructures for K-12 schools since 1978.

Let Vision be a partner in your students’ success.


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