When states and student information systems work well together, school districts can focus on their first priority: educating students.

Vision SIS understands that serving students better is everyone’s first priority. Effective state reporting ensures that districts get access to the funds and resources they are eligible for, and increasingly, states are starting to leverage that data to create even more effective resources for their districts, teachers, and students.
We are committed to making reporting as easy as possible for districts, and to helping states accomplish their strategic projects.

State Projects and Reporting

Example #1: Pennsylvania Early Warning System and Intervention Catalog

Watch video here.

In 2013, The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, inspired largely by the Frontline video “Middle School Moment,” began to explore the creation of an Early Warning System to recognize trends in students’ attendance, behavior, and course grades that might indicate higher risk of failure further along in their educational careers. While based on the Ed-Fi Alliances data standards and dashboards, the PDE extended the EWS functionality to include an Intervention Catalog so that administrators and teachers might have easier access to resources to address student needs both in and out of the classroom. This intervention catalog contains locally curated resources that might help districts address a wide range of challenges, from homelessness and the effects of severe poverty, to behavioral and discipline issues, to academic counseling and resources.

Vision SIS took a leading role in the testing and roll-out of this project, recruiting over 20 districts to participate in the first cohort, establishing data-quality standards, and developing real-time web services to ensure that “Early Warning” means “Early Warning.” We are very proud of the results, which are already being recognized by Vision SIS districts across Pennsylvania.

Massachusetts SIF Initiative

In order to put actionable, real-time information, with associated tools, in the hands of educators reflective of what is happening in their classrooms each day, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has designed a three-component instructional improvement project called Edwin. Relevant, real-time, data is essential to the effectiveness of this project. Leveraging the School Interoperability Framework (SIF) DESE supports multiple applications with one real-time district connection eliminating numerous periodic batch flat file generations by the districts while reducing local and state operational, support, and reporting costs.

Vision SIS has worked closely with the DESE, and with our partner districts, to ensure that schools are ready and compliant with regard to 3 key requirements for success so that educators can take full advantage of DESE’s Edwin project and keep student progress first on their priority list. Those requirements are:

  • Data quality
  • Communication infrastructure
  • Up-to-date SIF certification

Vision SIS has been a leader in SIF compliance since the beginning of the Massachusetts project, and is committed to making it as easy as possible for districts to take advantage of the resources the Commonwealth is putting at their disposal.

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State Reporting for Public and Charter Schools

Vision SIS helps to ensure that your state department of education reporting requirements are met. It provides you with state-specific editors, reports, and export procedures that are pre-loaded with the required formatting as specified by your DOE.

We offer solutions for dozens of states, including: Alaska, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Whether staff, student, or parent, Vision SIS for Schools provides real-time access to district, school and student information from anywhere at any time. We’ve complemented this with our emergency notification system, cafeteria, and visitor management systems to streamline your student information management.

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Connecticut PSIS State Reporting

Vision SIS offers the solution to meet the DOE’s Connecticut Public School Information System (PSIS) requirements.

  • Data quality
  • Easy to use Connecticut-specific edit screens.
  • Predefined pick lists for quick selection of state required codes.
  • Connecticut PSIS export procedures for creating the Intra-District Change, PSIS Data, Register /Unregister, Student Dropout Export, Summer Rollup Export, and Teacher Course Student to the CTDOE. Additionally, you may produce the end-of-year Connecticut State Department of Education ED166 Disciplinary Offense Report.
  • An import procedure to import data returned to you from the state.
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Massachusetts SIMS, EPIMS, and i-Transport

It is great that you are always looking for ways to improve your application. The level of support that I received throughout the MA ESE SCS Pilot project was outstanding. I attended ESE’s project debriefing meeting and Vision SIS had far fewer implementation issues than other applications in use by other districts that participated in that project. Thank you all so much for your help!

Gin Koski (Registrar), Ashburnham Westminster Regional School District, Ashburnham, MA

As part of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s (ESE) longitudinal data warehouse project and Race to the Top initiative, Vision SIS for Schools flagship product – Vision SIS Generations has received SIF 2 certification. Pilot districts are now in testing. We’re pleased to be working closely with the ESE, and our districts to be able to streamline your data reporting, on-time and on-budget.

SIMS certified since 1999, the Vision SIS offers the solution to meet the ESE’s SIMS and EPIMS requirements.

  • Data quality
  • Easy to use Massachusetts-specific edit screens.
  • Predefined pick lists for quick selection of State required codes.
  • Import routine for student SASIDs and staff MEPIDs provided to you by the state.
  • SIMS export operation that generates: All 52 ESE Data Elements, SPED, SSRS, MCAS Score Request, MSR, Student Claiming, Student Unclaiming, School Safety and Discipline Report (SSDR), and Student Course Schedule (SCS) exports.
  • EPIMS export operation for: MEPID Request/Lookup, MEPID Verification, Staff Roster, and Work Assignment.
  • As an i-Transport participant in the implementation project, we’ve worked closely with the ESE to ensure that we comply with all of the Massachusetts SIF extensions. Once fully deployed, real-time information will be collected by the ESE and it will no longer be necessary to make individual submissions of SIMS and EPIMS export files.
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Maine MEDMS State Reporting

Vision SIS offers the solution to meet the DOE’s MEDMS requirements.

  • Easy to use Maine specific edit screens.
  • Predefined pick lists for quick selection of State required codes.
  • Maine Education Data Management System export procedures for creating the Student.XML, SchoolEnrollment.XML and SPED.CSV export files for your school.
  • Import procedure for reading State Assigned Student ID (SASID) numbers returned to you from the state.
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New Hampshire i.4.see State Reporting

I have been using Vision SIS for approximately 20 years in 2 different school districts. I can not imagine doing all the work we do, while maintaining the accuracy of our student data, if we didn’t have Vision SIS.

Elm Street School, Laconia, NH

Vision SIS offers the solution to meet the DOE’s i.4.see requirements.

SIMS certified since 1999, the Vision SIS offers the solution to meet the ESE’s SIMS and EPIMS requirements.

  • Easy to use New Hampshire-specific edit screens.
  • Predefined pick lists for quick selection of State required codes.
  • Import routine for student SASIDs provided to you by the state. i.4.see export operation that generates: BOY, CATE Course, CATE Student Beginning Of Year, CATE Student Course, EOY Academic Performance, EOY Enrollment, Free & Reduced Lunch, NH Label Request, SASID Request, Security File, State Scholar, Student Course, and Submission Course.
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New Jersey SMART State Reporting

Vision SIS has certainly saved our district a lot of time, especially in meeting the requirements of the New Jersey SMART program. I cannot imagine how we could have survived NJ SMART without Vision SIS Generations. I feel that I have a solid understanding of Vision SIS because of the quality of the training I have received.

Beth Kercado (Technology Coordinator), Joyce Kilmer School, Milltown, NJ

Vision SIS offers the solution to meet the DOE’s SMART requirements.

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Pennsylvania PIMS

The PIMS module has made the state’s PIMS reporting so much easier for me. I appreciate that CRI has stayed on top of this and given us updates as needed.

Judy Eller (Director of Information Technology), Bedford Area School District, Bedford, PA

Vision SIS For Schools includes a dedicated PA PIMS menu including:

  • Easy to use PIMS specific edit screens.
  • Predefined picklists for quick selection of State required codes.
  • A PIMS Standard Export operation that will generate files that meet your state’s requirements. Vision SIS produces exports such as: PASecureID, Student, Student Snapshot, School Enrollment, Programs Fact, Student Calendar Fact, Staff Demographics, Staff Snapshot, Staff Assignment, Course, Course Instructor, Student Course Enrollment, District Annual Facts, District Snapshot, District Fact no security staff, School Calendar, Graduate Report, Special Education Snapshot, Discipline, School Safety Reports (Incident, Person, Offender, Infraction, Action, Parental Involvement, Victim, Location Fact), Survey Participant Response (IU Survey, LEA Survey, School Survey), and support of last year’s reporting format.
  • We meet the Pennsylvania Career and Technical Education (CTE) requirements with two additional exports: CTE Student Fact and CTE Student Industry Credential.
  • An Import PAsecureID Numbers job that imports state IDs provided to you by the state.
  • Built-in Student & Staff Ethnic Code conversion Utility On-screen color coded fields indicating required, conditionally required (complete with PDE rule), and optional fields.
  • Error detection reports against state rules upon demand.
  • No need for editing template files in Excel.
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Rhode Island State Reporting

The ability to generate reports with Vision SIS Generations has been a big improvement over our prior system. We very much appreciate the responsiveness, patience and knowledge of Computer Resources’ support team.

Mark Lamson (Director of Technology), Westerly Public Schools, Westerly, RI

Vision SIS offers the solution to meet RIDE’s requirements.

  • Easy to use Rhode Island-specific edit screens.
  • Predefined pick lists for quick selection of State required codes.
  • Import routine for student SASIDs provided to you by the state.
  • Export operation that generates: Course, Enrollment Census Address, Enrollment Census Class Roster, Enrollment Census Daily Attendance, Enrollment Census Discipline, Enrollment Census Program Status, Enrollment Census Roster, Enrollment Census Summer Withdrawals, RI-CATS, Section, Staff and Student exports.
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