Private School and Student Information Management

Vision SIS has been serving private schools for more than 40 years.

screenshot of Vision SIS for Private SchoolsUnited by a common mission, private school implementations account for a wide variety of schools with local control over IT and student data, a variety of unique ways that school staff engage with families, and dozens of legacy systems that schools already depend on. When it comes to student information platforms, making sure you have a great system is important, but so is having a partner that can help support what makes your school special.

Vision SIS is that partner. Along with our parent company, SofterWare, we have been serving thousands of private schools, before and after school programs, day care centers, and non-profits for 40 years. Our experience can help you serve your mission with a broader range of services, support, and best practices.

Vision SIS understands that your mission comes first, and we provide a mature and stable platform that saves teachers, school administrators, students, and parents time and energy so they can spend more attention on the work that matters.

That’s what makes Vision the SIS of choice for hundreds of private schools across the United States.

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A comprehensive student information platform.

With Vision SIS, you are able to:

  • Keep track of the whole student, with integrated academic, behavior, attendance, health and nutrition modules
  • Engage parents through the Parent Portal
  • Support mission-based objectives with definable database fields for your school
  • Ensure continuity of your mission with Fee Tracking and Payment solutions
  • Feed the whole student with Food Service Solutions
  • Engage students and parents in diverse activities with Registration tools
Private School Student profile is managed in Vision SIS
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How does Vision SIS support Private Schools?

With Vision student information solutions, you can support individual schools, or unite multiple schools into a single SIS. Your private cloud creates secure instances of each school’s information, and shares computing resources to ensure performance and economy, while removing the IT burden from your school staff. Whether you want to focus on building better parent engagement, ensuring student success, or streamlining NCEA or other accreditation reporting, Vision can help with an affordable and secure suite of student information management tools.

NCEA Reporting

Leaving the collection of data and statistics for NCEA reporting to individual schools creates an unnecessary, frustrating and highly inefficient process. Your private cloud-based Vision SIS platform centralizes and automates the collection of statistics and data so your school administrators can stay focused on serving their primary mission, and you can submit your reports painlessly.

Once the effort is removed from this process, you can then start to realize some of the local benefits from trends that become clear through NCEA reports. With a centralized system like Vision SIS, you’re able to identify and track these trends by school type, grade levels, locations, religious practice, gender, and ethnicity for adequate staffing and outreach goals for admission and funding in intermediate and long-range planning.

These statistics are also used to provide comparative profiles of private schools with their public counterparts. For families, investing in a community starts with deciding where to live. An analysis of whether the local school system is strong and productive is a key factor. NCEA reporting provides parents with student/teacher ratios, assessment scores, graduation rates, and college readiness.

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Range of Services

Vision SIS provides a comprehensive suite of native functionality for your school, and supports more than 50 additional Teaching and learning applications, eliminating the need for local administrators to provision users into multiple systems.

  • Registration
  • Fee Tracking
  • Payment Processing
  • Lunch management
  • School Health Care (either native or through SNAP Health Center)
  • Scheduling
  • Parent Portals
  • Student Portals
  • NCEA Reporting

Serving all schools

Elementary, middle, and high schools have unique needs when it comes to scheduling, grading, report cards, behavior, attendance, and family engagement. Served from your private cloud, Vision SIS allows you to set the degree of local control and configuration you want each of your schools to have. Local administrators can have local control so they can serve their own school without access to any other.

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