Easier charter school management with Vision SIS

Charter schools are committed to creating unique and effective learning environments that address specific needs within a community. This can create an interesting dynamic with intense local support, and perhaps more scrutiny from broader district and state authorities.
Vision SIS provides the tools charter schools need to most effectively manage lottery admission, serve their student populations, interact with their communities and alumni, and easily comply with state reporting requirements.

That’s what makes Vision the SIS of choice for charter schools across the United States.

Charter School Principal using Vision SIS

With Vision SIS, you are able to:

How does Vision SIS support charter schools?

Hosted in a private cloud, Vision SIS provides a unified system that shares computing resources more efficiently while removing the burden of maintenance from your school staff. Charter schools then have an integrated and global view of all their school data, web-based and mobile tools for teachers, students, and parents, and modules to support anything from after-school activities, food services, or fundraising.

Charter School Management Team using Vision Student Information System

State Reporting

Vision SIS Charter School Reporting Requirements Screenshot

Accurate state reporting is essential for charter schools to ensure appropriate funding, but the time that goes into producing those reports can be extensive. Your private-cloud based Vision SIS platform centralizes and automates the collection of statistics and data so your school administrators can stay focused on serving their primary mission, and you can submit your reports painlessly.

Vision SIS helps to ensure that your state department of education reporting requirements are met. Vision SIS provides you with state-specific editors, reports, and export procedures that are pre-loaded with the required formatting as specified by your DOE.

We offer solutions for dozens of states, including: AK, CT, IL, IN, MA, ME, MI, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, and VT.

Whether staff, student, or parent, Vision SIS for Schools provides real-time access to district, school and student information from anywhere at any time. We’ve complemented this with our emergency notification system, cafeteria, and visitor management systems to streamline your student information management.

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Range of Services

Vision SIS provides a comprehensive suite of native functionality for your school, and supports over 50 additional Teaching & Learning applications, eliminating the need for local administrators to provision users into multiple systems.
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