Give IT staff peace of mind in a high-availability Academic Cloud® environment with a secure, reliable platform they can trust.

As an IT professional, you need a dependable system that addresses the needs of your users. You also want to simplify data management by integrating student data from the student information system (SIS) into applications your teachers and staff are using.

So why Vision SIS?

IT Director using Vision SIS

Reduce your workload with seamless integration services.

Many onboarding projects include automated integration objectives in support of the school’s trusted partners. At Vision SIS, we strive for an enter-once philosophy whenever possible through a variety of technical strategies, including:

Save time and money with Academic Cloud Computing®.

Vision SIS is based in an Academic Cloud®, that has all the benefits of cloud-based hosting, in an environment locked-down and dedicated for educational use. Your users can access your secure student data from anywhere. You save by reducing technology and maintenance costs associated with provisioning and maintaining an sophisticated solution to support your student information data needs. Your leadership can be assured that student data is in an environment that understands FERPA and student privacy concerns.

School District IT Staff using Vision SIS

Let the Vision SIS Services team take care of your data.

As part of Vision SIS’s low per-student fee, our FERPA-trained team supports all of your student information activities.

Vision SIS uses redundant data storage, off-premise backups, state of the art servers, high speed Internet backbone, 128-bit SSL encryption, all hosted in secure data centers with 24/7 system monitoring.

  • 99.99% uptime
  • Security system & video monitoring with 24X7 secure swipe card access
  • High capacity fiber optic circuits with redundant separate pathways
  • Climate controlled facilities
  • INERGEN® and air evacuation fire suppression
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Backup generators for prolonged power outages

See why IT Directors choose Vision SIS.


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