Reporting and Analytics at a glance

Modify, enhance, and customize student learning based on easy to read, comprehensive student and school data.

Vision Dashboards and Reports put the power of data into educators’ hands with easy-to-use reporting tools.

Vision delivers timely information presented in meaningful ways on any device, so teachers, staff, and administrators can do their jobs more easily and confidently. Create custom dashboards and analysis to support daily activities or strategic initiatives, or find the data you need in-line with the application through over 250 pre-designed reports.

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Get all the data you need at a glance.

Comprehensive views of demographic, attainment, attendance, and behavior data can be correlated, filtered, graphed, and published. The resulting PDF, Excel, or web-based dashboards are ready to use so you can make decisions with confidence. Vision by CR provides a complete web-based, self-service reporting experience.

Work with Vision Dashboards and Reports to:

  • Create charts, tables, and other visualizations of school and district data.
  • Save and manage visualizations in a library for easy reuse.
  • Combine visualizations into publishable dashboards.
  • Publish reports that can be shared with specific groups.
  • Schedule reports for automatic generation and distribution.
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What can you do when you have Vision?

Get to know your students with teacher dashboards and reports.

Teachers are constantly asked to input data about students, but are often let on their own when it comes to recognizing trends or patterns in their classroom. With Vision, academic performance, assignment completion, skill attainment, attendance, behavior all add up to a 360-degree view of the student that helps teachers quickly and easily modify their instruction and approach.

Improve educational outcomes with teacher dashboards that enable you to:

  • Visualize student and class attainment by assignments and standards.
  • Keep track of student growth.
  • See real-time whole-child data for each student.
  • Develop insight into what teaching techniques work.
  • Determine who needs re-teaching and assessment.
  • Save time with immediate interventions.
  • Access and share data through reporting.

See Vision’s Teacher Dashboards and Reporting in action.

Identify and respond to trends in student behavior

The Vision Positive Behavioral Interventions and Response dashboard is designed to show what’s possible when your school has Vision. With the sample application, educators have a full view into the behaviors and trends developing in schools, so they can respond positively to foster social, emotional, and academic success.

  • Visualize trends by grades, schools, and graduation years.
  • Identify the most frequent behavior referrals.
  • Drill down into behaviors by location, time, and students to put effective interventions in place.
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Save time with more accurate state compliance reporting

Vision Dashboards and Reports support pre-submission error checking, so you can fix student data errors in the system before submitting to the state.

  • Arkansas (OASIS)
  • Connecticut (PSIS)
  • Illinois (ISBE SIS)
  • Indiana (ISTEP+)
  • Massachusetts (SIMS, EPIMS & i-Transport)
  • Maine (MEDMS)
  • Michigan (MSDS)
  • New Hampshire (I.4.SEE)
  • New Jersey (SMART & ASSA)
  • Pennsylvania (PIMS)
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
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